Yongmei, 26 y.o. from Wuhan, CN

About: I am Yongmei, 26 from Wuhan, CN. do u want one sweet and loyal and rich chinese girl to be your wife???i'd like to be my husband's cash dispenser and slove his all problems and let him become the most happiness man in this world ! i am the business girl from wuhan ,have beauty salons and invest hotels and real estate.i have many houses in different countries.i want to see more world with my love! i lvoe eat ,love smile ,love live as i want..i think the true love is exist and i really believe in it , i think it is the most important for us.so i am searching for it wiht my life. if i find it ,i will stop my eyes and close my heart door,only my husband live in it.lol i have my own business company and i don;t care about money really,in my eyes,it just the digit only.now i pay more attention on the marriage. What is real success for woman? Not a career, car, own apartment etc. It's happy family, loving man... And I am looking here for a special man to make a family and get a complete common success.

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