kdashdoll, 22 y.o. from Chattanooga, United States

About: I am kdashdoll, 22 from Chattanooga, United States. I am a bossmom who loves to shop and travel . I like the freedom of being my own boss to have free time on my hands and have a bag ready and packed to go. I’ve not said no to many opportunities in life . I love to jump when necessary on new adventures in life . I was not born weathy so that may be a reason why I cease the moment and I actually enjoy them. Besides that my hobbies intel reading and becoming the smartest person I know . In life I’ve learned power and freedom come hand in hand as long as I surround myself by the right people and have a drive to succeed in life nothing will stop me . There is NOTHING wrong with living a wonderful and fabulous lifestyle! I love trying new restraunts, shopping , spa days, being out at sea, good companionship

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