SweetestDarling, 34 y.o. from New Orleans, United States

About: I am SweetestDarling, 34 from New Orleans, United States. Oh, where to begin… I have a tremendous amount of light and magic to offer the right person. I am an artist. I think, move, and act like an artist. I am in LOVE with LIFE. I'm extremely passionate and have been told I am a delight to be around. Laughing, dancing and making passionate love set my soul on fire--make me feel alive. I am open, honest, good at communication--although a little shy at first! I'm no mind reader but I am good at anticipating others' needs. I am ever growing. It is important to me to learn something new everyday. I know how to laugh at myself. I can definitely be serious when the time is right, but I am more inclined to be humorous and playful. Intellectually stimulating conversation is important to me. I am continuously working on me--changing, growing, learning. I seek the beauty in everything. I am girly in an artsy way. I like dresses and skirts--bare knees are best. I have a little retro flair--used to be enamored by a pinup look but I've since toned that down a bit. I am feminine and like to accentuate my lady hips. I am fair skinned with a few freckles and like it this way, so if you're looking for someone who wants to fry themselves in a tanning bed I am not your gal. I like to be pretty all the time, even during casual jeans-and-a-tee times, but I am by no means high maintenance or fake. Nor am I a delicate flower. I am both feminine and rough-n-tumble. I enjoy fine dining, nice wine and a show. I also enjoy poboys, beer and strolling around the Quarter occasionally. Museums, art galleries, theatre, concerts, brass bands on Frenchmen Street, artists talks, second lines, dinner parties...how can we make our lives richer and more brilliant? I enjoy adventure and travel. I love being near water. I love the ocean. Also, the mountains have my heart. I am interested in really seeing the places I travel--so while I'm certainly not opposed to uber first class travel, I have a desire to experience the real world, feel the grit, taste the salt. These things can only enrich us. Music affects my mood. I get chills from certain poetry. I ride a bicycle and know how to repair nearly every part of it. (Many of my dresses are «play dresses» for this very reason. Bike grease.) I don't own a television (but I won't dislike you if you do). I am open to relocating within the right arrangement/relationship. I am also happy to fly out for visits. Though I request that our first meeting be here in the tragically beautiful and endlessly inspiring City of New Orleans. In all reality I would love to live somewhere temperate with lots of things to be loved and experienced outside. And basically, I just want to be close to water. And I REALLY want to go to grad school!

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