Lyubov, 25 y.o. from Kiev, Ukraine

About: I am Lyubov, 25 from Kiev, Ukraine. I am simple down-to-earth girl but sometimes I like to dream as I am sure that if you desire something very much any of your dreams may come true. I always prefer to stay fit to be attractive physically and I try also to develop and improve mentally to be able to offer people who surround me something more than just a nice cover. One of my best features I suppose would be my honesty. I just cannot hide or lie and was always bad at it when I tried. I am very open and sincere, so I try to be honest with not only people who I love, but also with people who surround me and who I happen to meet in my life. I believe what you do would always turn back to you. You do good, then good returns, you do evil, then evil comes back to you maybe even a few times bigger than what you did. This is my theory in which I believe. I just wish everyone acted this way. World could be a bit different then. Would you say same?

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