LastUnicorn2018, 34 y.o. from Montreal, Canada

About: I am LastUnicorn2018, 34 from Montreal, Canada. New to this internet world, new to THE dating world! Really never focused on a relationship I was always busy focusing on staying above water and taking care of myself and my surroundings. Anything else you might want to know, feel free to ask me and I will answer you honestly since I do not believe in lieing, the truth never mis lead no 1 is what I truly believe. 😇 I will explore this site and check out profiles without pictures as well- looks are a plus but I need more then good looks to captivate me. I am a 'Jack of all trades' so my work I can do anywhere or get another job anytime I truly believe! I am NOT looking to split the cost of anything, I am looking to be pampered and spoiled as I deserve to be. I will play my role as well as you play yours. Happy hunting, hope You find what you truely want!.. Starting to think all these kinda sites are fake🤔🤔😘

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