jk0107, 30 y.o. from Los Angeles, United States

About: I am jk0107, 30 from Los Angeles, United States. International travels include South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Cancun. I've driven cross country from New York to Los Angeles and I'm in Las Vegas for the weekend probably 1-2 times a month. The Cosmopolitan loves to give me comped stays so I oblige :) I'm a big fan of amazing food so Japan is my favorite traveling destination (with Cancun coming in a close second..Live Aqua has a great all inclusive package) If you do message me, it would help if: 1) you had a few pictures since I have pictures of myself up. I don't see myself responding to any messages sans picture. 2) you include more than just a hello - otherwise I will either ignore you or respond back with the same one word response :) For me, the ideal travel partner would be someone who is laid back and doesn't get wound up too easily. If something doesn't turn out quite the way we expect it to and you are able to turn it around and make the situation a positive one - then you sound like the kind of travel partner for me. A bonus is intelligence. I'm a lifetime learner. Currently a Director at my company in tech. Self taught in VBA and Javascript/php/html/css. If we can connect on an intellectual level - that would be amazing.

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