Valeriya, 23 y.o. from Kiev, UA

About: I am Valeriya, 23 from Kiev, UA. I'm a very purposeful person and I always try to reach all my goals. I am a person who always believe that everything goes to better. I always believe in the better future. I’am very joyful, positive, open-hearted, friendly. I am a romantic girl who believes in love and wonderful relationship. The most interesting hobby that I have is playing the guitar. Actually it is a very relaxing activity. It gives person some time to think and dream. I can play many different songs. In the future I want to improve my guitar playing skills and maybe use them in some small band or I would just like to play with my friends.I enjoy cooking a huge variety of dishes. I am a very sportive girl and I can not imagine myself without fitness. I like walking, socializing with my friends and many other things.

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