Lin(Linda), 32 y.o. from Zhengzhou, CN

About: I am Lin(Linda), 32 from Zhengzhou, CN. kind, friendly, virtous and humrous are how friends describe me. But being friends is different from being life partner, so you need to know the other side of me: melting, passionate, good at taking care of others, and understanding. I'm from a wealthy and well-cultured family. i choose financial as my major and read master degree, now I work with a state owned enterprise, do u know about CPIC,iam work as a leader in this company ,which provides me a very good salary. When I was a child I have a little black dog – Midnight ,untill now I still remember he , particularly clever and lovely.he did many thing which make me feel really warm , when he is four years old .he eat something wrong and left us in two days ,I really sad that time and cry for a long time .In the end ,I let the Midnight wear the jade bracelet I bought from Wu dang mountain ,then make a tombstone buried it ,and I also gave it a hand-made wreaths, after that I have visit he many times . i really love animal

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