Darina, 20 y.o. from Kiev, Ukraine

About: I am Darina, 20 from Kiev, Ukraine. How wonderful it is, that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. I mean, that we can make our world better be taking care a little by little day by day and be responsible for what we are doing today. I would tell you, that I’m very optimistic, positive and cheerful person and I like joking and having some fun around me, when I need this feeling in my life! Moreover, I’m really keen on drawing and taking pictures around the wild nature and animals. In addition, I love tourism very much and it’s my biggest hobby and I get so much excitement and pleasure from this activity! I believe that it’s really the biggest happiness and joy, when you really love doing what you love and you enjoy doing! Being active and being happy for every new opportunity in my life it’s my motivation for all my actions and accomplishments!

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