tish96, 22 y.o. from Brisbane City, Australia

About: I am tish96, 22 from Brisbane City, Australia. I am a young but mature woman who has already experienced so much of what life has to offer. I have plenty of interests and passions and I know what I want out of ulife. I have included alot in my profile to make it easier for everyone as I am sure no one really likes beating around the bush. I am the sort of girl who will dress up for a date and hold herself in a classy way but who also isn't afraid to get a little dirty and go 4wding. The beach is by far my favourite place as I can visit it just about every where in the world. I am spontaneous but can also be serious and organised. I love many different aspects and walks of life. I appreciate spiritual experiences, adventure, festivals, nature, motorsports/ water sports and other sports especially boxing. I love a day out on the water or 4wd. I enjoy the finer things in life such as design, wining and dining, shopping and FOOD! And I love architecture but most of all I am a travel addict, I am always researching countries and places to visit next. I have so much spare time on my hands and many adventures await me. I have previously been a travel agent and would love to travel some more, while I have the time. I have this cheeky but achievable goal to visit 30 countries before 30 and I have already done 6. Each holiday Ive been on has been a challenge, a blast and an awesome experience. I admire culture, adventure, learning new things and teaching others. Please I am after a friendship/companionship not a sexual relationship.

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