Natalia, 22 y.o. from Odessa, Ukraine

About: I am Natalia, 22 from Odessa, Ukraine. I am extremely positive person. I try to find good things in each case and make mood of surround people better. I prefer to smile to all people and never will make priority for communicating connection only depended of financial status. As simple woman I have some weaknesses and I cannot be perfect, but I always pay attention to my behavior and never been selfish. My zodiac it is Gemini, but I cannot said that I have two sides of my personality, because I prefer to stay far from people like this and respect another people and their minds in any circumstances. I am not against to bring in life some mystery and I honestly believe in magic; in magic between two people who fallen in love. I like my work, I am make-up artist, and use all my imagination and opportunities to create something special and amazing for my clients. I think that human beauty it is additional thing for our personality qualities and we need to work on it the same as on character.

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