Yan, 35 y.o. from Wuhan, CN

About: I am Yan, 35 from Wuhan, CN. When you see me first, can I attract your attention? You think I am just a tender sweet woman? In fact, I am hard on the inside , yet soft on the outside. Because my parents passed away, I rely on myself all the time. I was going to school while working. At last I finished my studies with great grades by my own efforts, although it was a very difficult process. After graduating from college, I didn't stop my steps and still keep going. I work hard and enrich myself. By now, I have my own HOUSE and CAR here by myself. Can you imagine what my life is? I am strong and independent which made me get all achievements. I am actually a gentle woman. I'm also looking forward to the sweet love and caring lover. Even if I failed in my last love, I didn't stop myself to pursue happiness. It never occurred to me that I look for one to only take care of me and my kid. I am confident that I could give rich life to my kid and myself. But I want to pursue spiritual satisfaction. I

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