Zhu, 24 y.o. from RiZhao, CN

About: I am Zhu, 24 from RiZhao, CN. The life for us in the future is so happy for me when I am picturing it in my mind, haha, babe, do you want to hear me to tell you what I prepare for you in our life ? hmm,in sunny day, we will have a walk with hands in hands, in rainy day, we may just cuddle each other sitting on the sofa, enjoying a romantic movie..haha, now smile is on my face for thinking of that..i know there are so many other things we will do together, once think that, my heart is full of happiness already. Babe, have you thought that? Can you tell me what is in your mind now when we are together? I love listening to you and knowing your idea. We need picture our life together, i believe it must very very very happy and satisfied for us, is that right?

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