EllaShine, 25 y.o. from Johannesburg, South Africa

About: I am EllaShine, 25 from Johannesburg, South Africa. I love good conversations and magical experiences. I'm all about enjoying each other's company and enjoying our surrounding. I love watching theatre plays (whether they are big-budget productions or smaller shows by drama students). I recently watched the South African productions of Evita and The Color Purple. Two fantastic shows! I also enjoy dining out and going to farmer's markets and art galleries. I am fascinated by different styles of architecture and I admire beautiful gardens and outside spaces. I also have a deep interest in the artworks of Picasso, especially those of his "Blue Period". Their melancholy tone never fails to move me. Perhaps it's a bit shameful to also admit that I have a slight obsession with the paintings of "The King of Kitsch" Tretchikoff. I find his work simple, but so powerful. I also enjoy working out and have recently taken up fitness boxing. It's my favourite activity and gives me such a great energy and confidence boost! Recently, I have started learning how to read and write music. I can't sing at all, but I have ambitions of learning how to play piano and bass guitar. I enjoy watching sports, most especially cricket, rugby, F1 racing and tennis. I love watching games live and I consider myself to be very patriotic in my support for the South African national teams, especially, my favourite: the Proteas. I am a Science student; analytical in thinking and exceedingly focused on success. This allows me to view the world in different perspectives and can make for interesting, enticing conversation. This also means that I am quite attentive, observant and I delay making conclusions to ensure that my initial judgement was correct. Such skills are useful in the laboratory , as well as in general human interactions. I like to challenge the person I am interested in. Stimulating subject matter and smart opinions are easy for me to share, obviously leading to exciting and thought-provoking dialogue. Living in South Africa also means that I'm privileged enough to see beautiful animals in the wild. I have visited quite a few nature reserves and I've seen the Big Five up close 3 times. I absolutely love giraffes. They're my favourite animal, with their long necks and rhythmic swagger. My concern now is their wellbeing and their conservation; I wouldn't like their existence to just be a story of another extinct animal. A recent passion of mine is teaching high school learners Maths and Science in my spare time. School kids, especially where I come from, are so intimidated by Mathematics, and find it difficult to enjoy the subject. I'm keen on pushing youngsters toward a career path in Medicine, Statistics, Engineering, Science and Technology. All these fields require a confident attitude towards Maths. That's what I try to build: confidence. It's been quite a fulfilling task, especially when I hear one of my pupils confess that they would like to be a scientist one day.

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