CassDances, 31 y.o. from New York, United States

About: I am CassDances, 31 from New York, United States. Upcoming travel plans: FEB SOUTH AFRICA MAR SWAZILAND APRIL LOS ANGELES MAY AUSTRALIA I travel with a 20lb dog. He's awesome, old and a sweet rescue! ******** I wish this site had reviews like couch surfing does. If it did, my rating would be *extremely* awesome!!! I'm an adventurous, fun, vivacious soul with an insatiable thirst for travel! I have traveled mostly on my own since the age of 17 and have visited 7 countries and have lived in 8 cities over that time. Ideally, I would live in a new city every month! I love to meet new people, experience new places, dance to new music and eat all types of food! I have traveled to quite a few places so I'm quite comfortable in a bikini or a burqa! I have a no-judgements approach to savoring the local customs and try my best to acclimate to the local norms. I was born and raised in a very metropolitan, powerhouse city and am quite deft at blending in while being the sophisticated lady I was raised to be. I speak two languages fluently and am learning two more. I can understand most of the romance languages either by listening (Portuguese, Italian) or by reading (French) as they are quite similar to Spanish. Thanks to my math/science nerdiness, I can also read Greek quite effectively. Either way, I'm resourceful and adaptable, no matter where we are in the world, I'm a team player who likes to problem-solve. I was raised by a chef and a teacher so I'm a fantastically creative cook and incredibly well-mannered. I was taught to be grateful so whether I'm eating a campfire meal of oatmeal and jerky or eleven course chef tasting menu, I love to savor the experience! Hopefully you do, too! While I don't have any romantic goals whilst traveling (i.e. not actively looking to get married or settle down), I'm not opposed to it. I enjoy lasting connections and lifelong friendships. I prefer to take a more fluid approach to life and like to let life blossom organically. Wherever life takes me is where I happily go! After a few interactions on this site, I find it necessary to clarify that I'm a doer, not a talker. I have absolutely zero interest in accumulating a stable of pen pals. What I do want are amazing real time experiences with real, amazing people! That said, I prefer to meet sooner than later to get to know the person you are versus spending endless hours of rhetoric getting to know the person you *say* you are. If you cannot meet in person, then you are either not the person you claim on your profile, not adventurous enough, nor a man of means, none of which suit my desires at this time. I'm not a woman for the timid man or the faint of heart! Likewise, I want someone equally as breathtaking as I.

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