EmGambit, 27 y.o. from Darwin, Australia

About: I am EmGambit, 27 from Darwin, Australia. Curious as a child, every corner and turn was a new place to be discovered. Meeting people along the way, turned out to be as exciting as it was risky. Now, my zest for life stems from the fact that I have yet to meet as many people as I would like. Open conversations are important to me. Everyone has a story and where one came from is equally as intriguing as discovering a beautiful piece of nature. I may be a bit of an adrenaline junkie but walking through a spice garden or a small lane is an exploration to be enjoyed thoroughly as well. Short trips out of the country or exploring a quiet neighbourhood are my only options with my current pursuit. Going through immigration processing/requirements is an educational challenge for me instead of a dreaded chore. I observe everything around me and my mind runs ahead when intrigued. Inquisitive with a penchant for stumbling into adventures and enjoying wherever I explore, sums it up. I dislike being lied to and led on, especially those who approach others for sexual possibilities under the guise of 'searching for travel company'. If anyone is genuinely looking for a partner to explore new spaces and exchange travel experiences with, I'll pack my bags with minimal questions asked.

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