bounddolly, 25 y.o. from Maryland City, United States

About: I am bounddolly, 25 from Maryland City, United States. I grew up in Canada, but I've traveled far and wide to end up where I am today. I love to travel and will absolutely be doing more now, I'm in DC almost every other weekend! I love my job && life at the moment. I love meeting new people, I've been told that I laugh too much. I'm too happy (which is ridiculous) and my dimples take up most of my face when I smile. I'm looking for some adventure and passion, that isn't too much to ask. I am usually laid back and would love a man on my hip, or between my thighs clinging for dear life😆😉. (I kidd😅) I'm here to make things easy on you :) so give me a shout out💕 Disclaimer: Any institutions in affiliation with this website or any other single person does not have permission to take or copy anything on this page.

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