marial95, 23 y.o. from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

About: I am marial95, 23 from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. I'm 23, a sugar baby and have a serious travel addiction. When I'm not travelling or exploring I am a student starting my masters in September in Scotland. I love to go and relax at the beach, go on a new adventure or dance the night away. I love reading, skiing and horse riding. Recently I have been traveling a fair amount (I've barely been home since may), however I've been travelling mainly alone as it's been for work, which has shown me that I'm just not the solo traveler kind of person and prefer to travel with at least one other person (how else should I take my dramatic Instagrams looking into nowhere? 😂 ) Basically if you want to know anything else just ask me. As a general rule I always reply to messages, as anything else would be rude and I've got good manners after all 😝

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