Zhenzhen(Lucy) Cui, 25 y.o. from shanghai

About: I am Zhenzhen(Lucy) Cui, 25 from shanghai. i run my real-estate business in beijing and being the CEO of my company ,i am busy in the workday ,and sometimes i feel tired when i go back to my big but empty house ,i feel so lonely !!! i often travel abroad to buy all kinds of luxury goods such as the watch in Switzerland ,the cosmetics in Korea ,and all kinds of cars in different ,of course , i like to collect the good cars ,such as :Lamborghini, Maserati , and so on , i have a very big Garage in my house ,would u like to visit them in my house ?? honestly speaking ,i want u to visit me in real in my house when u coming to china ,but ,where are u my beloved man ?? i am very rich in my financial life ,but poor in my emotional life ,can u help me my emotional life colorful ??

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