Ying, 20 y.o. from China

About: I am Ying, 20 from China. i am a tender woman with a kind heart, I don't like arguement or fighting , almost never get angry with anyone,also i have a good temper, very patient for everything. I am intelligent, I always know what is my goal and what i should fight for. I have a strong heart, never get failed to my life. Also I am romantic, sometimes might cry a little, I think that's what a normal woman should be, right? I love reading very much, I think book is the greatest treasure in our life, we can learn lots of thing from it. Climbing mountain is one of my hobbies also, I enjoy the feeling of sweating a lot Cooking is a necessary hobby foe me also, because I want to cook for my love everyday Travelling is a wonderful thing for me, but I still haven't found the one who will be my accompany, are you?

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