Viktoria, 27 y.o. from Kiev, UA

About: I am Viktoria, 27 from Kiev, UA. How would you like dating a woman who can put you into hand cuffs any minute? :P Yes, it can be pretty dangerous… Welcome to a profile of a police officer! I specialize in traffic control, so before writing me some compliments, please, answer the following questions: 1) Do you have a VALID driving license? 2) When was the last time you were being taxed for exceeding the speed limits? 3) Will you try to give me a bribe for doing so? My dear, if the answer to a 3rd question is “yes”, you should know, that a new generation of policeman in Ukraine is incorruptible, so you stand no chance… But can a bouquet of flowers be considered to be a bribe? Hm… Speaking of which... I know that my good knowledge of English is a good bribe to your heart, because you can joke all you want in your native language, Vicky will still laugh at them without using google translator, and getting a joke after half an hour :D And all because in childhood had a dream to be a private interpreter of a USA

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