Exquisite_Beauti, 28 y.o. from Los Angeles, United States

About: I am Exquisite_Beauti, 28 from Los Angeles, United States. Namaste, I am an Adventurous, Intelligent, deep, sensual open-hearted spirit who loves traveling and living her dharma- life purpose. I dont claim to be perfect, but im trying my best to be the best human being I can be. I live life on my own terms, with authenticity and integrity and hope to connect with a beautiful man who is also the same. Looking for emotionally available and mature man who is capable of being in a loving, committed sincere relationship. One who is supportive and pushes me to be the highest version of myself. I love connecting with people, traveling the world and exploring spirituality. I am spiritually inclined and consciously intend to evolve constantly. I am also open to genuine friendship or a platonic travel partner. I travel a lot and it would be great to have a travel buddy. The dynamic will reveal itself and will always be organic- one cannot force it. Hence i am open to all possibilities. Ideally, I am looking for a wonderful soul to meet and travel with, open to a beautiful evolved relationship. I have a lot of love to give and bring a lot to the table and want to attract a gorgeous man into my life who truly loves and cares for me deeply. as well as respects my Life vision and elevates me to shine. I aspire to do the same for him as well. I would like to balance the Yin and the yang between us. For work, I am a Hollywood actress and international model, having worked across the globe and a beauty queen won several titles. I am currently also producing a TV show have 2 University degrees and used to work as an investment banker. I do speaking engagements, am writing a book and am also a professional Astrologer. On a side note, I am always looking for brand endorsements and collaborations across the globe. Do reach out to me if you own a Brand and could visualize me as the face of your brand. Please contact me if you are planning a trip in the near future. I look forward to connecting with you, Love

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