ShyChicagoGirl, 34 y.o. from Chicago, United States

About: I am ShyChicagoGirl, 34 from Chicago, United States. „They“ say I'm fun, exciting, intelligent, beautiful, hard working, talented, funny and a sweetheart. I Think Im actually kind of a nerd. A pretty compassionate, non repub, non vegan. Truth is I just want to meet interesting people and see interesting places. I like to try new things and experience all the world has to offer. I put myself through college, work in hotel sales, and have invested in a few startup businesses. So that has left me in much need of fun and relaxation (on zero budget). I should mention I wont deal with anyone who is less than a gentleman. I'll make the first move if/when I feel a comfortable chemistry. — please no one over 50. Nothing personal — I have many older friends and colleagues I have tons of fun and adventures with- I am just not keen on a romantic relationship with someone that age and am not keen on being seen as a sugar baby or gold digger- thats not why I am here.

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