Lioness_eli, 30 y.o. from Oslo, Norway

About: I am Lioness_eli, 30 from Oslo, Norway. I'm not who you're looking for if you believe in one night stands at first sight and straight-into-bed-the-first-night. Good chemistry is rare - but is really everything. Me, myself and I are made and produced in China. I'm based in Oslo. I would describe myself as a small female creature far from normal - with an energy and sound level above average. You have probably never heard anything like my famous laugh. This little female is also pretty open, blunt and direct (intimidating for some maybe), but I can also be very nice if you are too :) I believe in honesty, openness and bluntness - as I have never understood why people like wasting each others time by not being themselves a 100% and not saying whatever they want to say. Being yourself and not caring too much about what others might think of you, is underrated ;) Food & Travel is really my passion. Adventures are my fuel. I wanna be wherever there's heat, a beach/beautiful rooftop pool, good vibes, romance, amazing food, exotic rhythms & interesting people. I value rare, and somewhat traditional gentlemen who knows who they are and what they want. Men>boys:)

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