Shadowboxer, 32 y.o. from Washington, United States

About: I am Shadowboxer, 32 from Washington, United States. In a nutshell I am fervent, quick-witted, sarcastic, cynical, confident, ambitious and emotionally in tune with myself and others. It would be safe to say that I am a hedonist with a penchant for all the great and terrible pleasures this short life can offer, and I am equally at home in the opera house as much as I am in the dungeon. I have multiple degrees and recently finished a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. Any sane person would have used these qualifications to continue on in academia, but I have decided to start my own business nefariously influencing people to drink wine instead. (Note that many mothers have considered me a bad influence since the youthful age of six, so I see no use in quitting now.) I grew up in America, but have lived all over the United Kingdom for the past 13 years. I guess you could say that I have some issues with settling.

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