Qian, 20 y.o. from Hangzhou, CN

About: I am Qian, 20 from Hangzhou, CN. BUSY is the word I keep hearing during my growing up time.How many amazing family time you let your BUSY steal you? My family houses already big enough, my family business already successful enough,Bugatti,Bentley and some other cars just stay at the garage, family private yacht staying at the wharf, jet flying every day but just for family business, in everyone eyes, I have a good rich family, but deep in my heart, I know I am not happy, I am so lonely and I want to escape from this family, which is busy for money without time for family love. In my friends’eyes, I am a fashion, open mind, easy going, sexy, independent, lucky, successful business girl, helping my family International Invest and Trade business, traveling around the world, but they barely know my deep heart how lonely it is. Honey, are you ready for us? I am just simple girl. What kind of life you want to have, can you share with me? We are both mature adult,let's make our life less pity together.

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