ABMayy, 25 y.o. from Leintwardine, United Kingdom

About: I am ABMayy, 25 from Leintwardine, United Kingdom. Loving all things classic rock; could you say I’m a girly-girl (???) hmm.. I certainly have my moments, but even I’ll pass on that judgment - I am, however, emotionally deep, intellectual and have a strong passion for great music and art. Warm and loving! With a marvellously cheeky side; IF it so happens, that you deserve that affection and playfulness from me. Quite simply, I am a very passionate person, on many levels - strong and grounded when it comes to protecting the interests of those I care for. You’ll continually find me laughing louder than I should, at something I most definitely shouldn’t. The more wicked, the better! - but don’t let that fool you; I’m too empathic for my own good. If you’re able to appreciate Rush, Deep Purple, UFO, Led Zep’, Bad Company... to give just a few examples - I stick by my belief that your vibe is on a different creative level. The best advice for life I have ever received is to “Just roll with it.” And I do just that.

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