Elena, 29 y.o. from Prague, CZ

About: I am Elena, 29 from Prague, CZ. People say, I am a real businesswoman. I wonder, why they have such a thought about me. Perhaps, that is because I always try to hold everything in my hands. I got used to managing everything. Sometimes I can not even imagine my life without my job. I work as a marketer. That does not mean, that I care about my career the most. The most of all I dream about a cosy corner somewhere in the sunny country, where I could come back from job and there would be my dearest people, waiting for me. Though I look like a strong woman, I am a weak, tender flower with with pinky petals of sensitivity. I am a creative woman. I was in ballet in the childhood and that was the best time of my life. I left the ballet, but I still like sport very much. Every move of my body brings me the joy and delight. I am also a painter, no I am not a master of it, but I like to paint and I am painting now a picture. When I have free time or feel a bit down - I just go, take the paints and depict all my inner world on the cloth. One more way

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