Breezin, 33 y.o. from Reno, United States

About: I am Breezin, 33 from Reno, United States. I live my life based on an extended version of The Secret. I spread love (loving intentions, hugs, positive thoughts) to everyone I come in contact with, and find that love returns 2 fold, making it more possible to give it back. I manifest the reality I wish to live. Money is not important to me, but the experiences money can afford are nice bonuses to life. I feel that good company is priceless. Beauty is only skin deep, what is on the inside is what radiates through me. I am fun, outgoing, energetic, people person who loves to experience new cultures, food, architecture, animals and environments. I was Miss Teen Nevada, I have been a professional ballerina for over 13 years, I have been modeling since 2 years old, I have been playing harp for 8 years, I graduated with a BS in Business and Marketing minor in Foreign Relations, I studied French for 5 years. I just got scuba certified in Cozumel and look forward to much more underwater adventures. I like dancing, sewing, painting, art, music, pottery, massage, theater, scuba, snorkel, horseback riding, biking, hiking, fencing, photography, interior design, fashion design, food, beaches, exploration, meditation- and more! My main passion in travel is WATERFALLS! I have been hunting the biggest, widest, most water, tallest, most impressive waterfalls all over the world. I have made a list of the top 10: — Angel Falls in Venezuela — Niagra Falls= One down — Victoria Falls in Zambia — Gullfoss in Iceland — Nachi Falls in Japan — Giessbach Falls in Switzerland (CHECK) — Up Side Down Falls in Oahu Hawaii — Ahuii Falls in Naku Hiva French Polynesia — Apsat Falls in Russia — Iguazu Falls in Argentina (CHECK) — Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Currently I am an egg donor, donating my eggs to families that are unable to conceive. I have several agencies all over the country that I am contracted with. I am also the fashion designer, creator and owner/operator of a unique clothing line of fashionable, custom faux fur apparel. I am a bit of a thrill seeker and like to explore off the beaten path. I am extremely organized, and like to plan out my adventures and then throw caution to the wind once I am there (but have the plan as a back-up, just in case). I am passionate about life and exploring as much of the world as possible!

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