Nataliya, 44 y.o. from Odessa, Ukraine

About: I am Nataliya, 44 from Odessa, Ukraine. I live as I can, I live as I must. Nobody to hurt! Nobody to trust? My mistakes are my guilt, not anyone`s else, It is only my fault and I `ll never regret. Impossible to live a perfect life, Why not to cry? But never lie! Why not to shout? But don`t be proud! Impossible to have a constant smile, When life gives you a piece of lime! You can just accept your life as a gift, To be JUST YOURSELF and never to shift! In any situation a woman should remain a woman. So, whatever happens I always try to be myself. I intent to live in such a way, then there is nothing to feel regret about. The road that I have chosen is from my heart, the wish pushes me to make a step on it. I follow my dream and consider this way to be the only right one!

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