Angela, 21 y.o. from Sofia, BG

About: I am Angela, 21 from Sofia, BG. I am hardworking, i have the business acumen, but do not like to take risks, because i am very careful.I have a keen sense of justice and fairness,you can always fully trust me , i will not deceive and will not disappoint my friend .I am very hard going through someone's misfortune, and sacrifices everything to help to rescue my friend.I am fond of stage and screen! I like to make some cup of hot cocoa, to be wrapped in warm woollen blanket to watch old movies. My favourite is ""Casablanka"". They had a date with fate in Casablanca! This film was awarded the Oscar for good reason. I read many books. I have a very big home library, where you can find many old and interesting works of ancient time, but there is detached shelf for contemporaries. I have great sense of humor, and i hope you are not a bore too

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