MissMSG, 25 y.o. from Edmonton, Canada

About: I am MissMSG, 25 from Edmonton, Canada. I'm a very outgoing, fun, bubbly, happy women. I am always in a good mood. The glass is always half full and the grass is always greener on MY side. I love to laugh. I love deep conversation… About anything, life, what drives you, your passions. I'm a huge conversationalist. I love to get dressed up as well… I'm a huge fashionista… My favorite pieces to wear is a nice fitted blazer, fitted jeans(obviously they have to make my butt look good) and knee high boots. I'm A crazy mix for my ethnicity (I'm sure you won't even be able to guess it on your first try). My personality and insides is much more attractive then my looks so if you like the way I look you'll LOVE meeting me in person and talking with me. I'm extremely insightful… And my maturity level is much higher then my age. I LOVE to have fun but I'm also very goal driven. I was a fitness bikini model for 4 years so I take VERY good care of my body.

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