Hanbing Yu ( Helen ), 22 y.o. from Shanghai

About: I am Hanbing Yu ( Helen ), 22 from Shanghai. Are you wondering why I am here and what I am looking for?Well,I am here for u ,say hi to me,maybe i can end your lonely days at once,do u want to try now?do you mind that i have no experience in love? My grandmamahave retired and live in California now.They think foreigners are romantic and know how to enjoy their life. They recommend the site to me and hope I could marry a foreign man. I live in Shanghai, which is one has the modernization extremely with China traditional features metropolis. Haha,it is very easy to find me honey! I sincerely invite you to visit here and we can have real date in person and I'm willing to drive you around to show you Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bund, where you can make revenue River scenery and taste authentic Shanghai snacks.All beautiful things are waiting for you here, including me :-)

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