Kncolk3u, 23 y.o. from Albuquerque, United States

About: I am Kncolk3u, 23 from Albuquerque, United States. So here we go, I was raised on a ranch. Regularly running around barefoot and minimal clothing. Always been a bit of a wild child, I guess you could say. With that being said, I love to be outdoors, doing just about anything. Hiking, Yoga, Skiing/ snowboarding in the mountains or just lounging around sipping champagne or refreshing cocktails on the beach. Looking for a girl that enjoys a life full of adventure? I’m your girl. 😉 When I am not doing such things, I enjoy working on some art pieces I have yet to finish, because of how easily distracted I am, as well as frustration of it not being exactly how I imagined it in my head 😄 So sometimes I would much rather go some art galleries instead, truly astonishing how talented people can be. I would like to think I am a very relaxed easy going girl (when not stressed with work). When stressed… I enjoy a relaxing bath, a glass of wine and some soothing tunes. Cuddling up with a book, or learning a new language, these also helps me unwind. So far I have Spanish as well as German almost down. Learning Ukrainian and Japanese on the side. With all that said, an ideal day would be yoga on a white sand beach, to start my day. (Maybe somewhere overseas, I like to put my passport to good use) ☺️ Followed by a lovely breakfast, basking in the morning sun rays. (Preferably eggs Benedict, or Lox bagel.) We would go to an art gallery, I’d love for you to tell me about your favorite pieces and why. Have a divine lunch, overlooking a panoramic view of the always scenic ocean. Then after… well I’m not much of a planner, but would love to listen to your stories of your most memorable life moments over some fine dining. In hopes to really get to know you. FYI: If you do not have a profile picture or ask for my number as a greeting message. The chances of me responding are slim to none. BONUS IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCED IN PHOTOGRAPHY 📸As I’d love to have someone to take beautiful picture on the travels to always have something to look back on and remember the amazing experience ✨ PS just recently dyed my hair darker 😈

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