CaliBeachLover, 31 y.o. from San Diego, United States

About: I am CaliBeachLover, 31 from San Diego, United States. Hello beautiful travel lovers. I am a 31 year old lover of life, who enjoys all new things and makes the most of all of my travels. I am a humanitarian, who enjoys doing new things and exploring new places hourly, every day of my life. I work very, very hard with multiple jobs (social worker, caregiver for a couple with Down syndrome, nanny for special needs, summer educator, tour guide, etc.) but unfortunately, costs of San Diego living are not only extremely high but my family home was also destroyed in the Lilac Fire in December 2017, while I also am the sole financial provider for my two children. Although I work nonstop, I have extremely flexible schedules but I always have nothing to show for it because of bills, donating to nonprofits often, and paying for activities for my children to have enriched lives. I would really, really like the opportunity to not only travel with someone new, enjoy new perspective, and help someone have the ultimate time somewhere new. Besides, I have been told I am a phenomenal tour guide since I research many things and know how to plan to get the best value for lowest dollar amount. Hope to see you on an trip-of-a-lifetime adventure soon! Xx 💋

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