Tatyana , 34 y.o. from Kiev, UA

About: I am Tatyana, 34 from Kiev, UA. For ages men drew the picture of a perfect woman in different ways - on the famous painting, in well known books, in undying poems. The beauty canons change with every century, but there are things that are valuable and priceless for all times. Those are things that are given to a woman by nature. This is tenderness, femenity, sexual attractiveness, ability to support her man and be by his side when he needs it, passion and intelligence, wisdom and beauty, silky skin and long hair, beautiful smile and big eyes. I have all of the above and even more. Come get to know me, as I am looking for someone to share my love with. I am passionate about everything I do in life no matter if it is love or work. But my biggest passion is traveling. I have been to all parts of the world as whenever I have opportunity I jump on the plane, car, bike or bicycle and hurry to learn the world around me. I love meeting new people and have great communication skills.

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