CherryRedxxx, 28 y.o. from Fort Lauderdale, United States

About: I am CherryRedxxx, 28 from Fort Lauderdale, United States. Hello, My name is Cherry! Red hair and standing at only 4' 11" I am what some might call fun-sized! I am a positive, fun-loving all natural woman born and raised in central Florida and has lived in South Florida for 10 years. I am looking to meet somebody for good times, interesting conversation and plenty of fun! Passion is a plus! Life is too short to miss opportunities and I believe in living each day to its fullest. I am sociable, well-educated and enjoy a rich and varied social life, but would like to meet someone special who I have a connection with to share intimate moments and memorable times. I have a wonderful 4 year old child that I that I co-parent with her father. We are good friends and know our child is our main priority.... my child comes first in any situation. If that is an issue I apologize before hand for it not working out. P.S. If your looking for an escort you have come to the wrong profile. I am not a first date one night stand.

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