SunKissedSoul, 27 y.o. from Washington, United States

About: I am SunKissedSoul, 27 from Washington, United States. II'm truly a few spirit, I believe in doing what makes you happy (it's your life anyway) I enjoy being around warm heart people and yet I also value quiet time. I love food I sometimes believe I'm a chef (vegan/vegetarian) I love animals and am the proud mother of a cavachon rescue named "Houdini". Music makes me happy I enjoy watching documentaries (learns something new daily is important) l speak very little French but I've been working on that. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy shopping but I enjoy shopping for things I actually need I think honesty and communication are important. I enjoy traveling, seeing the world and enjoying natural beauties. I try to work out 2-3 times a week. I believe in adding peace to every situation. I can go on and on but if you'd like to know anything specific it may just be best to ask.

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