highpriestess_11, 26 y.o. from New York, United States

About: I am highpriestess_11, 26 from New York, United States. Student of nature and medicine who values philanthropy and sustainability. Passion, romance, eye contact, jazz, deep house, flowers, natural bodies of water, sarcasm, critical thinking skills and herbal gin cocktails add to my joy. Enticing soul connections help me thrive. Open to building with a generous gentleman who values playfulness, health, ambition, family, nature, joy, leisure, and working smart rather than hard. A perfect day varies but includes being nourished with farm to table fare, some type of movement whether it's swimming and/or dancing, naps, a learning component (museum, play, show, etc), too. An ideal first date includes utilizing all five senses with a man who loves attention. The experience being fulfilling, recharging and of course, sexy. Tags: Exotic woman, Black woman, Caribbean woman, African American woman, Brown, Swirl, Outdoors, sub

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