Alina, 24 y.o. from Odessa, UA

About: I am Alina, 24 from Odessa, UA. In fact, I'm not one of those people who like to talk about myself, but because I'm looking for a life partner, I think we should write more about yourself, so he had the idea with anyone else. First, I love the truth and live the life concepts bitter truth is better than sweet lies! Despite my young age, I often betrayed, and I had already mastered and I can safely say that I can see when someone is lying. But despite this, I still think that even though life is not simple, but fair. I love humor, and I know from experience that sometimes it saves. I am a very creative person, and for me it is important to understand in life is that I seek. If I have something go wrong, I still find a way to do it. My father always told me that only weak people, but I have to so do not apply to this category. Although sometimes you want to rely on a strong and reliable person. Although I think, a serious-looking, but in my heart I romantic and that is hopeless. For me the most important thing in life

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