she_wanders, 29 y.o. from Orlando, United States

About: I am she_wanders, 29 from Orlando, United States. Presently in Florida However, Southern Ca / San Diego the place that is most like home. In the last few years I have visited Colorado, Maine, New Orleans, Oregon, Wyoming, Tokyo, lived on a sailboat for half of last year in Florida Keys. Acting, Filmmaking & Theatre keep my lifestyle flexible. What I hear about myself most often - I am quite honest & genuine, witty, creative, daring, intellectual, adventurous, passionate, that I manage "to make everything look special" See what that means - IG: Elaitheia I seek the beauty in most everything, with my time i prefer traveling, trying new activities, experiences, kayaking, beaches, talking about what makes our hearts beat hard, art, ideas to execute, places to go, things to do, the cosmos, turn-ons, favorite musicians and artists..

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