Anastasia, 28 y.o. from Odessa, Ukraine

About: I am Anastasia, 28 from Odessa, Ukraine. Well, about myself I can’t tell much, but the most important thing is has to be that I am very open, sometimes even too open to be true. I am easy going, my friends always say that I am such type of character. They tell me that I can talk with anyone and ask everyone anything, but not the human I like. I am very shy. That’s why I chose online dating, it is easier for me. In real life, it is difficult for me to come to a man and tell him ‘hello, I am that and that and I want this and this’. Never. I need to talk to someone, to get to know him and perhaps later meet. And there is another thing, I am honestly telling that I need to know a man for a month or so, to have at least 5 or 6 dates to make further steps in relations, I don’t trust people that much.

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