Xiaolan, 29 y.o. from Guangxi, CN

About: I am Xiaolan, 29 from Guangxi, CN. I am a girl how is soft,tender,caring,cheerful,out-going,romantic,educated,generous.I have smiles on my face all the time when talking to someone.I was very lucky to be born in a good family rich for love.I am very kind-hearted and helpful. I have dreamt of being a doctor to help someone who is suffering from illness.I stutied in the best college,my majoy is Nursing.I stuied very hard and now working in a big hospital of my city. I treat my patients very well. I make them happy, because being optimistic is helpful for them to recover.I have to work at night somtimes,but i never complaint about that, because it is a part of my work. Sometimes, many my friends can't understand that why a girl who is living a comfortable life choose to be a nurse. But my parents support me very much,because they know their girl very well,they keep telling me that" baby girl, no matter what desicion you make,we will respect you,and whenver you are tired of your work and want to have a chat,we will be here

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