Yuqiao, 27 y.o. from Zhengzhou, CN

About: I am Yuqiao, 27 from Zhengzhou, CN. When it comes to personality, I'm always considered as a mild and kind-hearted girl. I will never lose sympathy for anyone even little animals.In my heart,care and love play the most important part of humen being's life forever,only with the love can people overcome any difficulties and challenges. I also have the precious character of the girls---careful.I will never complete a mission unless I'm sure I've done it carefully and conscientiously.Altogether,my personality contains a lot of good aspects.If you must find some negative points,I should say that sometimes I'm too soft on some problems.But I think soft is not necessarily a bad thing.Love and care,which I cherish most,also comes soft. Above all,that is my personality:mild,kind-hearted,carefull,sincere and soft

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