Shu qi (kitty), 22 y.o. from Nanchang, CN

About: I am Shu qi (kitty), 22 from Nanchang, CN. what should i say about myself ?Do you believe in the first impression ?I don't !The nice appearance can make a people love you in a moment ,but the inner side is the key to keep a relatonship long ,do you agree ?So i never judge a person in a short time ,i prefer the kind :love me less ,love me long .So if you are looking for the exciting moment ,i am sorry ,you may find the wrong person . I have a open mind ,i accept all the unsual things ,if it exist ,there must be a reason ,right?I grew up with my grandparents ,they were spolied me so much ,but they all left me .If you ever lost someone you truely love ,you would understand how i feel .Even after five years ,i still remember the feeling .But life is contine,i learned kindness and honestity from them ,and i know if i am happy enough in my rest life ,that's would be their best wish!So here i am ,looking for my happiness .Don't judge me until you really know me ,ok ?

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