Itsnessababy, 18 y.o. from Goddard, United States

About: I am Itsnessababy, 18 from Goddard, United States. My name is Vanessa, I’m freshly 18 but not new to the adult life! I am a very smart, funny, out going and spontaneous girl. I love to chat, flirt, enjoy the outdoors, go on adventures big or small, try new restaurants, see new movies, paint, write, color, photography and DANCING! I haven’t had too many good life experiences so far in my life but I always count my blessings! I’ve learned to become a survivor not a victim of my past so as you can imagine I’m very strong minded but very open minded as well. I love to laugh and joke around all the time, I’m one for jokes! I like to think I have an old soul, I don’t really belong in this ear if you ask me. I am respectful, proper and know how to handle my own. I am not a push over so don’t try it! I am very passionate about MUSIC, art and dancing and would love to find a way to incorporate those with traveling and making a career out of it! I love music and dancing so much! I love festivals and shows and everything involved! Overall I’m a young, fun, smart, out going, adventurous and down to earth girl just trying to find her way in life. I’ve made some mistakes I’m not the most perfect but I am not judgements by any means everyone has a story! If you give me this opportunity you won’t be disappointed and that’s a garuntee! I’m very open to trying new things and very experienced in some areas. I want to travel any place I can even if it’s just a state away I’d be more than thankful! I’ve always wanted to travel so so much but I haven’t had the best life so it wasn’t possible ever and still really isn’t in my agenda in the near future by myself. Please give me a chance and let’s meet up for lunch or something and get to know each other better!

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