Autumnredpeach, 30 y.o. from London, United Kingdom

About: I am Autumnredpeach, 30 from London, United Kingdom. Let’s see... me? Well I was married but we separated over a year ago and live in different countries now. I've lived in Germany, Japan and Korea. I've traveled to: Austria Belgium Boracay, Phillipines Costa Rica Egypt France Greece Hong Kong Italy Spain Venezuela I’m very thoughtful and cheerful, I enjoy the luxury of a day by the pool but also love adventure and adrenaline. I speak a couple of languages and currently teach Japanese. My undergraduate BA was in International Relations but now I study geospatial intelligence systems and GEOINT; Absolutely fantastic at cooking savory (particularly Asian dishes); awful, just terrible at baking and cakes; BUT I do try immensely hard to improve; appreciative of all genres of film and books; hit the gym 5 times a week; hopeless romantic; love doing things to make others smile 😊 and DOGS. I love dogs.

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