Elena, 32 y.o. from Odessa, Ukraine

About: I am Elena, 32 from Odessa, Ukraine. I think that looking at me from the first sight you will agree that I am perfect woman - I am beautiful, smart, positive, self-confident yet kind, caring and tender. I value people and friendship way more than material goods and believe that we should live our lives to the fullest. But as every woman I have my own short-comings and I will tell you about them right away. If you are able to deal with them, the I am ready to love all your weaknesses as well. First of all my English is not perfect. It is really not bad and I can talk and discuss topics but I enjoy philosophical topics and always feel the lack of words. But I am practicing everyday so soon we will be able to discuss whatever with you. Second thing you should know about is that I love sweets. I am crazy about ice-cream and chocolate. I am always in a great shape but you can manipulate me with the candy box anytime :)) And the last thing, I am a sleepyhead so every morning you would have to wake me up with your kisses :))

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