QiMeng (Pearl), 25 y.o. from shanghai china

About: I am QiMeng (Pearl), 25 from shanghai china. i am a business owner.i love fashion and have open mind thoughts I run a boutique buyer store, which sells all limited goods. I even opened a branch in Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou and other places. Whenever I wake up at home, I can see some beautiful maid serve for me, out of the living room,I drove through the a variety of cars ,gardens, golf courses, large swimming pool, lotus pool, zoo, and private aircraft. Starting from the living room, I need to drive about 5 minutes to get to the door of the mansion.My father is a real estate agent. My mother is CEO of a jewelry company. They are always very busy,so i feel so lonely. I like shopping. I often fly around to buy limited products. Maybe today I am still in Beijing, and I will appear on the streets or other places in Paris the day after tomorrow. But I didn't feel happy because I was rich. I just wanted to have a love of love,i give u my love,will u give me yours?

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