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Elizaveta, 20y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Elizaveta, 20
The purpose of our lives is to be happy. I think that we all came in this world to learn and be happy every day! Not be happy on special occasions, when it’s your birthday or day-off, just be happy at this present moment and your life will change! Owing to the fact, that our life is going on second
Anastasia, 23y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anastasia, 23
I am a hopeless romantic, and at the same time a realist. I dream of a great and pure love, but do not wait for the prince on a white horse. My dream is to travel the world. See many new things and beautiful places. But my main dream - to visit Paris.
Antonina, 21y.o., from Podgorica, Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro
Antonina, 21
Im open minded and really positive girl. I like to talk a lot, thats why sometimes i start talking about one topic, and i catch myself talking about something completly oposite. You can talk with me about whatever you want. im very relaxed and i dont like to act like drama queen about every little
Lijuan(Rose), 24y.o., from Wuhan, CN
Wuhan, CN
Lijuan(Rose), 24
I am kind and have a good heart, honest,confident, humorous, funny, naughty and romantic.passionate,enthusiastic, sensitive,passionate; longer than memory, brain sharp, perceptive good,easy-going, caring,educated, tolerant,good household management, emphasis on family harmony.though i am young but
Valeria, 32y.o., from Chicago, US
Chicago, US
Valeria, 32
I am a very funny lady. I like to smile and to make people smile too. I adore balloons and like to enjoy my life the fullest. I like to take pictures and to walk without shoes after the rain. Communication is very important for me and I have many friends. Also, I am very romantic woman.
Isidora, 23y.o., from Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, RS
Isidora, 23
I am a fun loving, kind, free spirited and generous woman. I am good natured and have strong will and strong character. I want a man who is like me, but stronger! But I also have a very sweet side and am always in a good mood and positive!
Elena, 27y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Elena, 27
I prefer active and energetic lifestyle and I always feel this inspiration and energy from the world in my heart and in my mind! Active lifestyle for me it’s like a new piece of breathes in my brain and in my mind and it makes me really happy and enthusiastic about the world! I love extreme kinds
Kseniya, 32y.o., from Poltava, Ukraine
Poltava, Ukraine
Kseniya, 32
I am a very fragile, tender, kind, romantic woman who wants to love more than anything in the world! I'm always a little bit naive and I agree that life is not always pleasant, but I want to make it more fun and joyful. You can always count on my sincere smile, which will energize your day! Too
alessaZs141, 19y.o., from San Miguel, Peru
San Miguel, Peru
alessaZs141, 19
I love sports and travel, Adrenaline is my favorite word
Aabharana, 22y.o., from Mumbai, IN
Mumbai, IN
Aabharana, 22
I'm a nice fun and friendly person I’m a pretty good person, honest, loyal, positive, ambitious, and I’m very understanding person.doing adventure with friends, I like all the simple things!
Polina, 31y.o., from Kharkov, UA
Kharkov, UA
Polina, 31
I am calm and have a good temper, communicative and sociable. I spend a lot of time at work. I like to cook. In the past I were a model. The main man in my life I had not met yet. I love to make new friends. I am a very positive person, always even in difficult situations I try to maintain a
Anastasia, 22y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Anastasia, 22
I consider myself as an honest person, telling truth and being honest with people has always been a must for me...I am never in bad mood, I believe that positive thinking creates positive life so I try to smile as often as possible.)
GoodvibesLA, 28y.o., from Beverly Hills, United States
Beverly Hills, United States
GoodvibesLA, 28
Hi there! I’m adventurous and open minded. I love learning new languages especially of those places that I’ll be traveling to. Travel just makes me happy and is really the best thing in life. Say hello!
Genesis, 27y.o., from Caracas, VE
Caracas, VE
Genesis, 27
I am a charismatic girl and I know what I want
Aleksandra, 33y.o., from Kharkov, UA
Kharkov, UA
Aleksandra, 33
As for the character. I can very easily converge with people and can find a common language with almost every man (of course if people are interested in me). I can be different (depending on the situation), but almost always remain itself. Temperamental, emotional, kind, understanding, always
cakeymichelle, 20y.o., from San Jose, United States
San Jose, United States
cakeymichelle, 20
Hey I’m michelle I’m 20 years old and I love to travel. I’m very outgoing and easy to get along with. I’m currently in college and am studying in the medical field. I currently do not work and so when I’m not doing school I have a lot of free time on my hands . I’m looking for someone to create a
Ekaterina, 25y.o., from Izmail, UA
Izmail, UA
Ekaterina, 25
I can say, that I'm very active, I believe, that movement is a life. I have interest in everything new, I am never get tired to explore the world and discover new horizons. I have an analytical mind, I like to talk on different topics and my friends say I'm a decent interlocutor. I find common
Mumbua, 32y.o., from Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
Mumbua, 32
Simple woman, love life, seeing new places. Love making friends and meeting new people. Love music and the outdoors. Would love to share the great things in life that makes us all human. Adventurous n spontaneous at time.
lilouphuket, 33y.o., from Saint-Tropez, France
Saint-Tropez, France
lilouphuket, 33
you re looking for a sexy woman, pretty, smart,kind,who you could share good moments with?have fun, discover new places together? a women who you can talk to about everything?Stop i m here… ( even if i like parties etc i never took drugs and i never will)
Juliya, 28y.o., from Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Juliya, 28
Cheerful energetic girl. My life is beautiful . I love the bright colors in life and ready for any crazy things. Hahaha))) I follow my appearance and my health, but do not devote all my free time. I'm a girl who can understand other people. I will always listen to my man and support him in
Minyou(Coral), 23y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Minyou(Coral), 23
I am a cheerful, lively, easy-going person. I like singing, dancing, go Tstage show. I like swimming, and go skating. I like listening to the music very much. My friends say I am a interesting girl.
TIA216, 25y.o., from Paris, France
Paris, France
TIA216, 25
I am optimistic,like to travel,like to expliore all unkown.
Thi Kim Hoa, 24y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Thi Kim Hoa, 24
I am an elegant, gentle, confident girl. i have good personality, i am loving caring honest and loyalty girl.
Tina0929, 25y.o., from Chongqing, China
Chongqing, China
Tina0929, 25
easy-going, lovely girl. like life and like travel very much, but have not enough time go out, only in holidays and annual leave have time to travel,my english is not good,i will improve it, so nice to see you.
Natalia, 42y.o., from Poltava, Ukraine
Poltava, Ukraine
Natalia, 42
I am not a usual lady, you won't feel boring with me, I think to see my pictures you already understood that I am a good shape and like going sport:) But you will never guess what I like to do.... yes yes I love watching football! I am a very friendly person, always found more common topics to
GISELLE, 31y.o., from Cartagena, CO
Cartagena, CO
I love movies! wrestling, pop culture, music and art, and also I am a loving woman, and I would love to find a man who appreciates that dont be shy and try to know more about me!
chachi94, 23y.o., from Rabat, Morocco
Rabat, Morocco
chachi94, 23
I’m not sure i know how i don’t think i know my self that much
Laskovishka, 34y.o., from Ukraine, Ukraine
Ukraine, Ukraine
Laskovishka, 34
Athina, 22y.o., from Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
Athina, 22
Enthusiastic and spontaneous, I can proudly say that there is never a dull moment with me. Outspoken, witty and adventurous are some of my characteristics, but I am also very sensible, fair and honest. I will always say what I feel and do as I please, as long as it is not at the expense of others.
JulesMarie, 34y.o., from Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
JulesMarie, 34
I love spontaneity and I love to explore new places. Whether I'm going somewhere nearby for the weekend or planning an epic adventure to another country or continent, I love to travel. I am fun, easy going, curious, thoughtful and strong. I enjoy horseback riding, yoga, tennis, and skiiing. I enjoy
Nora00, 22y.o., from Lucca, Italy
Lucca, Italy
Nora00, 22
I am a student of Hispanic Philology, 21 years old, from Spain. Obviously love to travel and doing adventures things. I have many interested such as literature cinema, music, cooking,.. And pasionate lover of the arts. Love exploring the culture of new cities and, of course, the local food. Always
Le Tien Thanh, 22y.o., from Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
Le Tien Thanh, 22
a very kindhearted,optimistic and thoughtful lady
Chosh, 23y.o., from Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chosh, 23
Travel enthusiast. Energetic, open minded, a DIFFERENT type of a girl. I want to learn as much as I can from every aspect of life, so I crave for (safer) opportunities, but I love taking risks, whatever I do is always with the best intention for me and anyone around me. Everest is the ultimate
Syliagroot, 28y.o., from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Syliagroot, 28
Hey! Thanks for reading this part of my profile. I am an adventurous woman, exicted to meet new people and discover new places. I am traveling since 2010 and it would be great to explore new places and to visit countries I really enjoy. Its nice to go to places where the sun is shining, where there
Viktoria, 32y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Viktoria, 32
Have you seen these powerful rays of summer sunshine? Describe it to me! The same energy and aura I have inside of me and I’m eager to share this happiness, sunshine and optimistic mood with you! To my way of thinking, I’m very determined and purposeful and when I have a goal in my life, I will put