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Juliya, 26y.o., from Kiev, UA
Kiev, UA
Juliya, 26
I’m positive, open hearted and attentive woman. In my life I have all what I need, nice friends, friendly family and favorite work. I can say that I’m fully satisfied with my life and hope that here I will meet my especial man! I want to create reliable relationship and want to make them happy!
Cathyrina, 25y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Cathyrina, 25
Just ask me instead
Tatyana, 37y.o., from Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine
Tatyana, 37
I am a kind person, who ready to give all my love and suport for my soulmate, and have the same from him.I am honest and self -confident woman, I know what I want to have in my life and always try to achieve this, no matter how hard life and situations in it can be.I can be calm and judicious but
Milica, 22y.o., from Nis, Serbia
Nis, Serbia
Milica, 22
I am very romantic and tender little girl. My dream is to find a prince on a white horse who will care for me and lead me through imperfect world and through the darkness. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses therefore I know what i deserve in life. I am constantly seeking for improvement and
Andrea, 22y.o., from Novi Sad, RS
Novi Sad, RS
Andrea, 22
I am very very energetic, charismatic, open minded and chatty
Veronika, 26y.o., from Kharkov, UA
Kharkov, UA
Veronika, 26
There are no perfect people ... neither I am perfect, but I know how to be faithful and can't betrade! I do not aspire to be perfect, I think it's enough to be a good person. I always earn form my mistakes, looking for reasons of my difficulties and getting rid of them. My parents raised a faith in
Svetlana, 35y.o., from Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine
Svetlana, 35
I'm optimistic, humorous and have a good character. I love when life boils around me, because I am a very active and sociable person. I'm easy-going and happy to go to meet new impressions and acquaintances . I am hard-working, goal-oriented, determined. But at the same time I am feminine,
Cristal, 22y.o., from Dos Quebradas, CO
Dos Quebradas, CO
Cristal, 22
I am cheerful and kind hearted girl. I can create a festive mood to my friends, and family, I am communicative girl with adventurous character. I am not lazy, I am curious about everything in life, I like getting new knowledge. People say that I am a sincere romantic woman.
Katrina, 21y.o., from Sofia, BG
Sofia, BG
Katrina , 21
People from my surrounding consider me as a passionate and beautiful young woman. I am smart and curious. I am reliable and supportive person. I like helping others. I respect family values, so I am here with serious goal. I have an adventurous spirit, I like to spend my time outside, in the
Amanda-L, 25y.o., from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Amanda-L, 25
If you think dimple is cute! I have em! Looking for a sugar daddy!
Mau_R, 21y.o., from Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia
Mau_R, 21
I am Malaysian born and raised girl. I believe that life is too short and energy should be spent on with enjoying it with as much positivity and laughter as much as possible! I am very much into history, fine arts and linguistics. That's it for now. Feel free to ask more details about me in
Ilona, 46y.o., from Berlin, DE
Berlin, DE
Ilona, 46
I'm sincere and very positive woman. I can say that I have interesting life and that my dreams come true. If you want TV to know what about I dream of, I will tell you. I dream about strong relationship and my beloved man with whom I will fall in love. I like to spend my time active and interesting
Wenyan (Wendy), 28y.o., from
Wenyan (Wendy), 28
I'm a passionate hot young girl. I like try everything new and funny in my life. I love all kinds of exciting things and activities. I wish so much that I could share all of these with you in the rest of my life. I think we will fit each other so well when we are lovers. Don't you think so?
puurbunny, 25y.o., from Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
puurbunny, 25
Amazing joke teller Good adapter Awesome story teller Great flirter Supurb needing help with everything Very graciously submissive Awesomely nice bum Total sweetheart 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 never have met anyone like her — anonymous MT user. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 makes 50 shades of grey look like weekend cartoons -anonymous MT
Megamusiclover, 22y.o., from Kenosha, United States
Kenosha, United States
Megamusiclover, 22
I will do a lot for someone who treats me right. The more given the more i put out and believe me i put out. I am outdoorsy and love music and the waters of earth. Talk to me to know more
honey003, 29y.o., from København, Denmark
København, Denmark
honey003, 29
By character I’m ambitious, diligent and affectionate.I’m constant in what I’m doing and make every endeavor to ameliorate myself. I'm interested in business,entrepreneurship, events and project management. My hobbies are modern dancing, meditation, swimming, jogging and healthy lifestyle. I'm an
queenv1302, 26y.o., from Houston, United States
Houston, United States
queenv1302, 26
I am a laid back, down to Earth college chick from Houston. I love to have fun and laugh. I am honest and open about pretty much anything you ask. At times I can be too honest but I'd rather that than leading you on or wasting your time. There is no limit to the things I will do to make myself
Daniela, 25y.o., from Colombia, CO
Colombia, CO
Daniela, 25
About me, I'm a simple person, I love laugh so I'm pretty happy, I don't like lies. I don't like shows nor the little scenes of jealousy, I think is totally unnecessary, if you trust in your partner is useless. I have a 3 year old princess, I'm currently studying a technical customer service. I
Unapologetic94, 24y.o., from Miami, United States
Miami, United States
Unapologetic94, 24
I am new to Miami, just turned 24. I love to dance & travel & shop. I enjoy romantic dinners & horror movies. I am 5’6 128lbs brown eyes brown hair
Siyu(Fiona), 23y.o., from Nanchang
Siyu(Fiona), 23
sit on the chair, you come and hold me from behind, you can feel my body shape for you, hold me with your arms, and also your hands are putting on the special place of me, will your finger go through my whole body? will you do more to me? I also love to wear special clothes on the bed, oh dear,
MissNYC1989, 28y.o., from New York, United States
New York, United States
MissNYC1989, 28
I am Norwegian American and an avid traveler. I enjoy going to sports events such as football (European & American), tennis matches, golf tournaments, etc. I enjoy the arts and music such as plays, musicals, opera, and the ballet. I'm easy going and known as the social butterfly so I can connect
Elena, 26y.o., from Odessa, UA
Odessa, UA
Elena, 26
Are you a man and in search of? Then you simply can not look at my profile. My climbing story originates you would not believe, but it is - as a child. My parents were inveterate theater-goers, so being a little girl, I often traveled to the lung together with a mobile theater. I saw from pantomime
Wenxia, 24y.o., from Changsha, CN
Changsha, CN
Wenxia, 24
open mind, easy going, always happy,
iman, 28y.o., from Beirut, LB
Beirut, LB
iman, 28
I am a natural woman, I dont like to pretend being someone else, I am very kind, honnest cheerful, helpful, energetic, happy, sweet. I appreciate little things, I dont need too much to be happy I only need love and sexy .
fun4you2, 24y.o., from Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada
fun4you2, 24
Fun, easy going, always smiling, always laughing and always looking on the positive side of things! Looking to share some memories with someone cool and genuine!
syllabr_, 25y.o., from Paris, France
Paris, France
syllabr_, 25
* Free to travel ! Young Law student (Masters) living in Paris France. I speak four languages I have a Big sense of humour, love to travel and discover new places, cuisine (I'm a foodie, you will never hear the words Just a salad please come out of my mouth when discovering a new place), art and of
Djurdja, 25y.o., from Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Djurdja, 25
I enjoy every moment in life and I smile a lot. I believe that a person is as wealthy as how much friends she got. I am friendly and opened towards any type of communication. I am a hedonist and I rarely get myself in situations in which I feel uncomfortable. I try to surround myself with people
Oksana, 26y.o., from Paris, FR
Paris, FR
Oksana, 26
I'm that kind of woman who never lose her chance for love and happiness. I'm positive, full of energy and purposeful person. I always open with people and appreciate honest in them. Most of all I like to spend my time with my parents and we like to have lovely evenings and weekends together. Also I
TwoWheelTerror, 23y.o., from Christchurch, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
TwoWheelTerror, 23
Adventurous, competent and motivated young lady! Men or Women welcome (LGBT) Balanced Gemini Love to keep fit and healthy in the great outdoors, on two feet, two wheels or two skis… Keep movement & motion! Adrenaline: Ex Motorcycle racer & motorsport fan! Mountainbikes & Skiing also! Balance/Peace:
Melaniny, 19y.o., from Rotterdam, Nederland
Rotterdam, Nederland
Melaniny, 19
I’m a young student who wants to quit my studies and live my life and be happy! I am positive, kind and sometimes sensitive.
Xiaona, 30y.o., from Guangzhou, CN
Guangzhou, CN
Xiaona, 30
I am a traditional and well-educated Chinese woman who is caring, responsible for family. I can speak good English, can cook, can play electronic piano. And above all, I can cherish the man being by my side.I am cheerful,humourous,tolerant and perfectionism.
Aleksandra, 21y.o., from Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
Aleksandra, 21
I'm very easy-going and optimistic person as I think that we should be thankful for every day of our lives and there's no use complaining about our problems and troubles. I like getting acquainted with new people as I'm quite communicative. I'm kind and open-minded. I'm also a generous person and I
Xuefang, 24y.o., from Guangxi, CN
Guangxi, CN
Xuefang , 24
I am a loyal, faithful, diligent and family-oriented,easy-going and affectionate .I like smile to people and to things I met. You can see a big smile on my face all the time.I am kind hearted and and like to help others. I am a charming lady with beautiful inside beauty. And I am looking for the
princessracy, 28y.o., from Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
princessracy, 28
SimpleDown to earth african girl who loves nature,adventures and to create new memories...Cheers to new friendship